#msadventures with Ilkin

Text: Thembi Hanify

Here's the second installment of our editorial series #msadventures :)

We wandered the streets of Paddington in Sydney one sunny morning with our girl Ilkin in her favorite looks from Collection Two, and talked hair, tea and plants.

Ilkin wears the Alex Pant, the Justine Shirt, the Ritzy Tee in white and grey, the Krysia Skirt, and the Raph Top.



MS: Tell us about your haircut.

Ilkin: I have been meaning to go really short for so long. I'm a big admirer of Loulou de la Falaise and her unstudied style. so the inspiration comes from her. I really wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out but I'm loving it. Feels elegant and strong. Funny enough looks like 2018 is going to be a year for short hair too. So bingo ;) .





MS:  What's your hidden talent?

Ilkin:  Probably wouldn’t count as a talent but I love making tea. There are hundreds of different types of tea and different ways of brewing them. I have a good collection of loose tea leafs from Japan, France, Turkey, Brazil, South Africa, Kenya. Actually the list is endless!





MS:  Did you make any new friends on set today?

Ilkin:  We caught up early in the morning... there were some construction workers behind us. Sweet faces with big smiles. A smile changes everything don’t you think? And there was this cute dog who was super friendly!





MS: What makes you feel ritzy?

Ilkin:  Thats a good question. I don't know if you follow System magazine... it is one of my favourites out of what's on the shelves these days. The issue with Miuccia Prada is quite insightful. So apparently she often is asked ‘What could I do to be elegant? How could I feel so elegant?’ She answers: ‘Study, study’. OK, what does that mean, study? ‘Study fashion, study movies, study literature, psychoanalysis. Be yourself, and afterwards, the problem doesn’t exist. Because there are no rules.’ I feel the same, if I can study or learn something new that will give me different aspects and vision, that would make me feel beautiful and that feels like luxury for me.





MS: Your approach to life in five words or less...

Ilkin: Why not?









Photos by Thembi Hanify


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