#msadventures with Rosie

Text: Thembi Hanify

Welcome to the third installment of our editorial series #msadventures :)

We hung out in Rachelle's backyard in Newtown one afternoon with our girl Rosie in her favorite looks from Collection Two, using many fruity props to (un)free the nipple.

Rosie wears the Alex Pant in Black and Kirk Denim, the Raph Top, and the Kate Dress in Iridescent Organza and Olive.



MS: Tell us a bit about your passion project On The Collar.

Rosie: I think our accessories say a lot about who we are. So I started On the Collar as a way to explore how these pieces are made and the sentimental stories behind them. I am particularly fascinated by how different women curate their accessories collections, so I love the wardrobe voyeurism that comes with exploring someone's shoe stacks or jewellery boxes. 





MS:  What's your favorite snack?

Rosie:  I am pretty obsessed with putting pickles on my cheeseboard or eating them straight from the jar. My boyfriend Joel actually runs a pickling company called Westmont, so luckily I am seldom in short supply.





MS:  Favorite prop from today's shoot?

Rosie:  I'm particularly partial to props of the plant-based variety, haha – so you can give me an oversized plant leaf any day of the week.





MS: What makes you feel ritzy?

Rosie:  A red lip or a silky smooth fabric both make me feel pretty ritzy. When I'm staying in, though, it's just the luxury of a long bath and a glass of wine before bed.





MS: Your approach to life in five words or less...

Rosie: Simplify. 2017 has been a pretty crazy year, so right now I am trying to focus on simplifying things as much as possible – from my wardrobe, to my social calendar and beyond.













Photos by Thembi Hanify


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