#msadventures with Kylie

Text: Thembi Hanify

Here's the first installment of our new editorial series #msadventures :)
We met up with our girl Kylie and took her to the Planetarium in her favorite looks from Collection Two.
We also talked snacks, sexuality and books.
Kylie wears the Kate Dress, the Justine Shirt, the Ritzy Tee and the Krysia Skirt.



MS: What's you favorite savory snack?

Kylie: Impossible question, I choose PLUMS!!! The dried salty/sweet/sour type. I loooooooooove plums!

And vinegar. I could drink vinegar. And chips. Chips are a must. 





MS: When was the last time you visited a planetarium?

Kylie: I haven't visited a planetarium since I was a child, but I have a permanent reminder of space and time on the inside of my wrist :)





MS: Tell us about the book you're currently reading...

Kylie: BOOKS!!!! READING!!!! <3 I've just finished a book called Mating in Captivity by Esther Perel.

If emotional and erotic intelligence is of interest to you, this is the author for you.

I'm also reading Siri Hustvedt's, 'A Woman Looking at Men Looking at Women'; a collection of essays questioning

[closing] the gap between science and art, and looking at our perceptions of art, sex, and gender.





MS: What makes you feel ritzy?

Kylie: Courage. Nothing makes me feel more beautiful than taking a risk and learning from it. 





MS: Your approach to life in five words or less...

Kylie: Live it your way. 



















Photos by Thembi Hanify


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